Two Poems

Like Two Really Beautiful Dumb Swans

girl lives with mouths
closed, looking all
same, more

human. sun to
its knees, forgets what
language to speak:

sugar & no
pain, pirate
version, rose water,

i shatter. i have been
both. undoing skin,
the letting as

forgetting, cruelty
unknowingly &
everywhere, as if i

was not here
once you left. go
& return the rest, leaving

like telling
everything: to be soft, to
have a body,

to dissolve


Inhaling the gray chalk of its ribs I’m afraid to count its mouths I’m
afraid to bend with the copper arch of its cracking spine I’m

afraid to raise my hand I see half your face above mine I’ll
take its legs I need to go farther than it does I need you

to come in I forget what happens every time I open the door

Eve Kenneally

Eve Kenneally (from Boston by way of DC) is a recent alumna of the MFA program at the University of Montana. Her chapbook, Something Else Entirely, will be released by Dancing Girl Press in 2016. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Yemassee, Parcel, decomP, Star 82 Review, Blue Monday Review, and elsewhere.