Three Poems

His layup starts from mountainsnot with landslide, rumble or some gorgon clashof titans, but as shadow-fall across stream—some thief-in-the-night-black-Christ-type stealth. In the nights before this,his name, whispered in small circles, mutteredby demigods and goddesses, spread rebellious,rough on the tongues of whores and queens,pillows pressed between thighs, moaning.Men will call him father, son or kingof the…

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Inua Ellams

Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is a cross-art form practitioner, a poet, playwright and performer, graphic artist, designer, and founder of the Midnight Run—an international, arts-filled, night-time, urban, walking experience. He’s a Complete Works poet alumnius and a designer at White Space Creative Agency. Across his work, identity, displacement, and destiny are recurring themes, in which he also tries to mix the old with the new: traditional African storytelling with contemporary poetry, pencil with pixel, texture with vector images. His poetry is published by Flipped Eye, Akashic, Nine Arches, and several plays by Oberon.

Tyler Champion

Tyler is an illustrator and designer working in Nashville, TN. He graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 2010. He has worked on an array of projects including gig posters, concept art for video games, comics, shirt designs, and advertisements.

First Featured In: No. 11, summer 2018

The Islands Issue

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