Three Poems

most of my family’sinternational travelis being sent to warif we judge love wecan kill off anythingdragged by our hairacross the days untilthey make their wayinside our dreams where we get to evict themI want to thank the one who invented knocking on the door but no one remembers their name to tattoo across my knuckles…

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CAConrad is the author of nine books of poetry and essays. While Standing in Line for Death received the 2018 Lambda Award. A recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, they also received The Believer Magazine Book Award and The Gil Ott Book Award. They teach regularly at Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam, and their books, essays, films, interviews, rituals and other publications can be found online at

Ejiwa Ebenebe

Ejiwa Ebenebe (called Edge by most) is a Nigerian-Canadian artist creating figurative, intricate ornamental illustrations. Although she currently lives in Canada, she grew up in varying places across the globe, the combination of which have given her a variety of experiences that deeply influence her approach to her creative work. Themes such as mystery and ornate opulence have always been particularly fascinating to her, and she loves to experiment with various mediums and techniques; color is an especially strong passion of hers. She’s also focused on adding to the representation of black, LGBTQ women in the art world.

First Featured In: No. 11, summer 2018

The Islands Issue

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