The Time I Killed a Deer in Upstate New York

Apparently, animals perceive time completely differently to us. That’s why you sometimes see a crow wait until you’re nearly on top of him before he flies away. In his eyes, you’re moving much slower, and therefore, he has much more time to leave. Animals also sometimes don’t see danger in the things they ought to….

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Elle O'Leary Kelleher

Most of my writing focuses on the horrors or everyday life. I enjoy toying with expectations, dropping completely ordinary characters into nightmarish situations. While most of my writing has been for theatre, I do have some experience with writing short stories, inkling the short story Turpentine , winner of the 2019 Collin Anderson Memorial Award for Fiction, and which went on to be published by Crystallize Review in upstate New York.

My latest venture, an audio drama entitled Grief Visits Number 21 St Monica’s Terrace, is due to be presented at this years Irish Student Drama Association awards in April.