The Passing of Mr. and Mrs. Crow

Gabriel Crow heard a knock at his door, so slight that at first he mistook it for a tree branch cracking in the wind. He looked out his front window into the evening darkness, and at the edge of the porch, just visible in the dim house lights, stood a thin man wrapped in black,…

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Daniel Knowlton

Daniel is the Fiction Editor for Sakura Review. His own work has appeared in Little Fiction and Up Literature. Daniel was awarded a semester fellowship to the Washington, DC Writer’s Room where he began work on his current novel-in-progress. He now lives and writes on a farm in Maryland with his wife, their cat, and seventy horses for neighbors.

Alyssa Ann Menold

Alyssa Ann Menold is an illustrator currently working out of Grand Rapids, MI. She was inspired to pursue illustration as a child, when she’d spend hours browsing books, not just for their content, but for their beautiful covers. That childhood love of the magical dragons and spaceships never faded, and today most of her work is in the science fiction and fantasy genres. She received her BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design, where she currently teaches as an adjunct. She is currently working on her MFA in illustration at Hartford Art School. Check out her work at

First Featured In: No. 5, summer 2016

F(r)iction #5

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