The Men Behind the Mirror: An Interview with Scott O’Connor

Henry is a man divided. At home, he’s Henry March, loving husband and father, sensitive photographer, lover of poetry. He sits on the edge of his daughter’s bed, stroking her hair as she falls asleep. He holds his son tight, as his autism triggers another outburst, determined to keep his boy safe, to anchor him…

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Scott O’Connor, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund

Scott O’Connor grew up with a reputation as the kid who was always telling stories, but it wasn’t until his early twenties that he began his professional writing aspirations. Drawn first to the burgeoning film industry, he soon discovered that the scripts he wrote had moved beyond the limitations of low-budget film making, leaving them unfulfilled without the camera to tell the other half of the story. It was at this point that he decided to take complete control of his creations, propelling his career into the world of literature. From that decision was born his first major project, the novella Among Wolves, which not only opened his world to professional writing but also, as he told TBL, “fooled him into thinking he could write a novel.” And so it was that seven years later, O’Connor’s debut, Untouchable, hit the shelves, generating a flood of positive criticism, including the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award. His new novel, Half World, was published by Simon & Schuster in February, 2014.


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