The Body Eccentric

Bodies… we all have one. They are literally a part of each of us! (Yes, we went there.) We should, as the idiom goes, “know them like the backs of our hands.” And yet, the truth is that our bodies hold a whole mess of mysteries, and quite a few of them, we take for granted every single day. Let’s take a look at five baffling body enigmas: The Body…

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Nate Ragolia

Nate Ragolia is an author, editor, publisher, and podcaster. He’s published three books, There You Feel Free (2015), The Retroactivist (2019), and One Person Can’t Make a Difference (2022). Nate co-hosts Debut Buddies, a podcast about firsts, and is co-founder of the indie press Spaceboy Books. At F(r)iction, he leads communication and marketing, writes grants, serves as a senior editor, and collaborates with the leadership team on a wide variety of projects and programs. When he’s not doing the things listed above, Nate is a husband and a dog dad.

Bradley Clayton

Bradley Clayton is an illustrator living in Brooklyn. He lives with his cat and makes comics. He most enjoys drawing spooky things and women in mid- century fashions. Things he will make time in his day to talk about: Glenn Close’s Cruella made some valid points, Sabrina Spellman is one of the most interesting onscreen antagonists in years, and conspiracy theories. The weirder, the better.

First Featured In: No. 20, winter 2023

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