Sprucing Our Wigs, Sadya and I Talk about Amulets, While I Contemplate Nothing

It is like this,
he says.
Although I think he’d rather not say.

They protect us                    from

curses, man jealousy

mean fun, mischief
of spirit-ghosts.

His words, like old eyes
skilled in silence,
bend against the light. I wait.

But there is only this
and him, fingering rainbow curls,
and me, plaiting confetti ones,
and, outside, the voices of those who’ve gathered

in this one vacant violent vastness.


It has been like this,
for ten minutes at a time
for years,
staring into a brass mirror,

no calling
no creation

just a full-blown assault
of what does not exist.

Ten minutes later,
I look again.


We call          into existence


                                              that do not


he says much later,
like I’ve been caught admiring his
good-looking naked parts,
and he’s decided to be kind.

Out of nothing, there can be something.

I see, I say,
but I do not see.


Besides I don’t believe him.          (Have you ever been to the Valley of the


It has to come from somewhere. (Everyone knows it was a wasteland. Some

                                                        holy man in the Bible said it was a wasteland.
                                                        It was a Wasteland.)

I don’t like what’s here to work with.     (But they got there, and found it
                                                                        flowing with springs.)

I want a different nothing.

Kineret Yardena

Kineret Yardena is an educator, writer, and arts program consultant based in the U.S. and New Zealand. Kineret teaches writing and theatre workshops, writes and edits manuscripts and web content, and consults on arts-based educational programs. Originally trained as a high school English teacher, Kineret has worked over the past decade in a range of formal and informal learning environments. Kineret has also developed and facilitated writing and intercultural storytelling programs in Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Western Africa.