Three-Book Subscription

From: $45.00 for 1 year

What You Get
Purchasing a Three-Book Subscription to F(r)iction now will mean you receive three print issues of the best stories, poetry, and art from this and other worlds:

  • F(r)iction #18: Legacy
  • F(r)iction #19: Arcana
  • F(r)iction #20: Theme to be decided!

Upon purchasing this subscription, you will also gain immediate digital access to our entire online archive of F(r)iction for the duration of your subscription. Currently, this archive contains all published pieces from F(r)iction #11 onward. We are working our way through our back issues and will keep adding to this collection until it is complete.

Postage & Packaging
Please note that postage and packaging will be added to your order at checkout. The total additional cost for sending out the three issues for your subscription depends on your region:

  • US: FREE
  • UK: FREE
  • Europe: $10.50
  • Oceania: $21
  • Rest of World: $16.50

We are not responsible for any import tax you may be charged to receive your order.

Please note: If you purchase a subscription now, it will start with our upcoming issue, F(r)iction #18, which will be released as soon as our stock has been released by customs! As such, please allow some time for the first issue to arrive. We will prioritise fulfilling your order as soon as our stock arrives.


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