I often wonder why I cry.

Is it me or is it just a lie,

to feel sorry for myself

for going through things it seems matters to no one else?

Or maybe it is my body’s way

of releasing the pain

I try so hard to hide away,

but it becomes so much to bear,

that even my body seems to care,

though I walk through life with a blank stare.

After a while it all comes to roost,

like a prisoner who has just been loosed,

running to find the best protective shelter,

seeking the help of the unsuspecting,

all the while neglecting,

eventually I will get caught.

Caught with raw emotions,

erupting and setting off like an explosion.

Then I will be left in shock,

as if I never had the notion,

that my pain and feelings start taking over me, creating an erosion.

I wish there was some relief for my pain,

like a magic potion,

but then again, I rather feel something than just go through the motions

of masking my pain, when healing has become my devotion.

Sharnta Bullard

Sharnta Bullard started writing poetry at a very young age. She published her first poem at age eleven. She currently works as a medical technician, but continues to pursue her passion of writing. Additionally, she also has a master's degree in Human Service Counseling. She is an advocate of helping people find their why and voice. She is currently living overseas.

Hailey Renee

Hailey Renee Brown is a professional illustrator born and raised in mid Michigan. A former field biologist, she moved across country from Michigan to New Jersey, also moving from science to commercial art. A professionally trained artist, she attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ. She was selected the recipient of the 2017 Norman Maurer Memorial Award as well as the 2019 Joe Kubert Jumpstart Project.