One Thousand Hands

The sky was heavy with the weight of Gods. Thick, misty swirls of gray and black cloud flowed overhead like ink poured into water, drowning the late-afternoon blue. Even before the families now stumbling across the torn and bloodied earth had time to lay out their loved ones, the Godhands were coming to bear away…

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Rhiannon Snow

Rhiannon Snow is a writer of fantasy and sci-fi stories. An obsessive bookworm from her earliest youth, she began co-authoring articles for magazines and newspapers with her father at the age of thirteen. Balancing her love of writing with the need for a roof over her head, she works as a UK-based software developer, where she lives with her wife and their pet royal python. Her passion for tinkering has led her to start several household fires and floods, and she lives by the often unwise mantra “I can make this better.” A transgender woman herself, Rhiannon’s writing frequently explores issues of gender and queer identity.

Samantha Dow

Samantha Dow is an artist, writer, and sailor of historic wooden schooners. Her work includes Elsewhere University, a collaborative storytelling project; Cornerwitches, a collection of short-form fantasy comics; and the ongoing webcomic GRANTED. For more art, writing, and advice for running off to sea, she can be found on Tumblr @charminglyantiquated.

First Featured In: No. 16, summer 2020

The Monsters Issue

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