Helen Maimaris

Helen joined Brink in 2016 as an intern, soon rising to the rank of Chief of Operations, a position she held for nearly 5 years before becoming Brink’s Chief of Staff in 2023. As Chief of Staff, Helen heads up all things staff-related, from the development of new education programs, staff culture practices, and staff management, to the legal and logistical needs of running a nonprofit. When she’s not madly consuming any comic she can get her hands on, she also serves as the Managing Editor of F(r)iction, overseeing the submission pipeline, senior editor team, volunteer training, and production of the journal.

Helen lives in Bristol, UK, and travels extensively, with past adventures including training as a professional scuba diving guide, participating in scientific fieldwork with humpback whales in Ecuador, and one particularly incredible eye-contact encounter with a wild male orangutan.