Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe

Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist based in BC, Canada. Edge serves as Assistant Creative Director for F(r)iction, working alongside the Creative Director to craft the vision and artistic direction for each issue, as well as assisting the Managing Editor with circulation and fulfilment logistics. As Data Lead for Brink, Edge also assists the team in tracking and analyzing the varying points of information needed to ensure Brink’s impact is as focused and effective as possible.

As an immigrant, they wrestle with concepts of community and identity, both within themself and their artwork, and strive to create representation for voices (particularly Black and/or LGBTQ+ folks) who are often pushed out of positive, empowering narratives. Their artwork echoes a love for the ethereal, fantasy stories they grew up with with vibrant colours and ornamentation that weaves Edge’s experience throughout each piece they create. 

They have worked with clients including Scholastic, Wizards of the Coast, and Marvel. Their work has also featured in publications such as ImagineFX Magazine, Infected By Art, and Brink’s very own F(r)iction.