Dani Hedlund

Dani Hedlund founded F(r)iction in 2015, striving to create a home for unique and boundary pushing literature. As Editor-in-Chief, Dani grew F(r)iction from a small imprint to one of the fastest growing literary journals in the world, featuring the world’s most famous storytellers alongside diverse, debut talent. Dani sets the publication’s vision, selects each issue’s theme, curates and approves all content, and writes those lovely editor’s notes she’s convinced no one reads. Additionally, Dani acts as Creative Director, guiding each unique issue’s overall design and art direction. As CEO of Brink Literacy Project (F(r)iction‘s nonprofit owner), she ensures that each issue elevates marginalized voices, works as a teaching medium across the globe, and uses storytelling to change lives.

Dani speaks at events all over the world on the importance of literacy and education reform, supporting emerging creatives, and getting people excited about the next generation of literature. She has shared Brink’s mission to spur cultural and political change in the Times, the Sun, KOA radio, CW, Channel 4, Fox 31, and other media.