The Literary Tarot: Shipping Process & Estimates

Please read all the information below very carefully as we are not responsible for any misunderstanding of our process on the part of the backer.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping will be charged in two rounds:

  • F(r)iction Items: Fall–Winter 2021
  • Tarot Items: Spring 2022

This means that if your order contains any F(r)iction items, you will be sent two separate shipping invoices by Easyship, one for your F(r)iction items and one for your Tarot items. It is important to note that you will not be charged twice for the same thing—these invoices will be for the shipping costs of the two separate parts of your order, to allow us to ship the F(r)iction items out to you sooner.

We have specifically done this due to the fact that shipping prices are in such a state of flux (particularly due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and so we have been advised that charging shipping a few weeks before the fulfilment of each round of items will get our backers the most cost-effective prices as well as the best shipping service.

As such, please note that the below figures are only estimates and will be subject to change depending on fluctuations in the cost of worldwide shipping and courier services.

Please also note that due to the scale of the campaign, we have partnered with a fulfilment service, to allow us to ship from several international warehouses and therefore keep the costs as low as possible for you all. As such, packaging and handling estimates have been included in the below figures (if you’re interested, these are very approximately $2.20-2.60 for packing per order, $0.30-0.60 for each additional item, $1 for packaging, and roughly $0.50 per order for storage). Again, please note that these are also only estimates!

Pledge Tiers

(East Coast / West Coast)
UKEuropeAustraliaNew ZealandAsiaRest of World
Box Set$9$11 / $17$9$10-19$14$7$12-20$19-22
Reader Edition$9$17 / $23$9$13-21$22$15$16-28$25-29
Patron Edition$12$46 / 53$12$34-42$60$50$49-55$55-70
Retailer’s Edition
(5 units)
$17$15 / $20$20$31$29$18$50$50

Digital Add-Ons

All digital add-ons have no shipping or handling fees.

Physical Add-Ons

Add-OnUSCanadaUKEuropeAustraliaNew ZealandAsiaRest of World
F(r)iction #19: ArcanaFREE$6FREE$3$8$8$6$6
F(r)iction One-Year SubscriptionFREE$17FREE$11$20$20$17$17
F(r)iction Two-Year SubscriptionFREE$33FREE$21$40$40$33$33
Big Guidebook$2.50$2 / $2.50$1.50$3.50$8.50$4$4$5-18
Booster Pack$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50
Postcard Set$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50
Enamel Pin$2$2$2$2$2$2$2$2
Tarot Cloth$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50


All items below are in multiples of $5. Please note: A storage and handling fee (of approximately $4-14) will be added to each order and has NOT been included in the prices below (unlike all estimates above) as we understand that retailers may desire to place large orders so we want to provide the shipping estimates clearly.

Add-OnUSCanadaUKEuropeAustraliaNew ZealandAsiaRest of World
Booster Pack x 5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5
Postcard Set x 5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5
Enamel Pin x 5$7$7$7$7$7$7$7$7
Tarot Cloth x 5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5