The Literary Tarot

A Tarot Deck Unlocking the Secrets of Classic Literature

Surprise surprise, the global pandemic has cast a towering shadow across the nonprofit world, making the future of literacy and art programing oh-so murky. But never fear! As any great tarot reader knows, with enough stubbornness and passion, we can always transform bleak predictions into powerful triumphs!

And with your help, we hope to do just that! To fundraise for our nonprofit mission this year, we’ll be conjuring one hell of a gorgeous Literary Tarot Deck, bringing together the most talented and magical authors from around the globe to create a deck inspired by the great literary classics!

Tarot Card Preview

To learn more about this shiny little deck—and the amazing authors helping us bring it to life—check out our Kickstarter Pre-Launch page and click “Notify me on launch” to get all the latest updates!

We hope you’ll join us in divining a bright future for art and literature programs!