“Leave.”Scott didn’t shout. The word wasn’t spoken with any real force. He’d expected it to sound hateful, but it didn’t. It was more of a simple demand, or perhaps a statement of fact. Like telling Alex it’s time for bed or adding an item to a list of groceries Anne was picking up.He reached into…

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Mike Raicht

Mike is a writer whose creator-owned work includes the graphic novel The Stuff of Legend which launched at #2 on the New York Times Graphic Novel list. Co-created and co-written by Raicht, Stuff of Legend is currently being developed by Disney as a feature film. Raicht is also a former Marvel Comics editor. He has written stories for Marvel, DC Comics, IDW, and Dynamite, on titles including MAX Zombie, Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, GI Joe, Godzilla, X-Files, Dark Shadows, Army of Darkness, and Finding Nemo. His most recent comic book co-creation, Wild Blue Yonder, developed with his partners at Noble Transmission, will reach a new generation of readers this summer as an interactive experience starring Gerard Butler.

Arthur Asa

Arthur Asa was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He studied graphic design and industrial design but decided to leave everything behind and become a construction worker. During this time he discovered all he ever wanted to do was draw and tell stories. He is now an illustrator by afternoon and a comic artist by night—sometimes both by night. He has a comic called Where the Heart Is that you can find online.

First Featured In: No. 5, summer 2016

F(r)iction #5

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