Kitchen Table MFA (ALL): Frost

This poem is part of the Kitchen Table MFA, a series that showcases writing communities through interviews and creative writing.

Inside, the windows become a ​museum 

of ephemeral doilies 

made by lonely savants. 

In another hour, 

the sun will spread

its yellow oil, will take 

what it wants from 

knobs and sills, the blades 

of snow blowers and the mustaches 

of men unzipping their jackets. 

Until then, no one can be sure. 

We step tentatively 

down the shining walks, 

sending out from cold lips 

little ghosts without boots. 

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Marilyn Annucci

Marilyn Annucci is the author of The Arrows That Choose Us, winner of the 2018 Press 53 Poetry Award. See

M. Maggs

Art by M.Maggs from Pixabay