July Literary Horoscopes


The Ram / Courageous, Adventurous, Independent / Domineering, Selfish, Arrogant

It’s officially summer in the States, which means it’s time for you to make a change. Let your adventurous spirit go a little wild—but not too wild, come on now—and follow that yellow brick road wherever it takes you.

Who knows, it might just lead you here:

  • Maid-of-Many-Skins,” by G.V. Anderson: Gorgeously written with an unexpected twist, this story will make you want to run in the moonlight and throw off any pesky woes.


The Bull / Loyal, Friendly, Resourceful / Self-Indulgent, Possessive, Greedy

We know last month was a bit of a doozy, but now you can kick your feet up and relax. Take some time to treat yourself; maybe that means hitting the spa, watching some Netflix, or not sharing that last slice of cake (I wouldn’t either).

Or, you know, it just might mean indulging in this lovely story pick: 

  • How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich,” by Samantha Schmidt: Delectable, creative, and downright poignant, this one is best served in the morning with a cup of piping hot coffee (tea is an acceptable substitution, but only because you’re you, Taurus). 


The Twins / Intelligent, Adaptable, Creative / Moody, Opportunistic, Inconsistent

Yikes, you might want to batten down the hatches, Gemini. June might have been your month, but July is going to be one for the books! You might find yourself at the center of a big conflict toward the middle of the month (or it could be at the end of the month; these tea leaves are hard to read sometimes!). 

Either way, this piece complements your stormy weather report:

  • If All Water Were Blood,” by Maggie Ryan Sandford: As delightful as it is unsettling, this flash fiction piece is the best of both worlds—just like you. On a good day, that is! (I’m 96% kidding, I promise.)   


The Crab / Honest, Generous, Faithful / Insecure, Needy, Crabby

It’s all about you! At least until the end of July, when Leo steals the spotlight. Until then, the stage is all yours, you adorable crab you. Show off a little, pursue a dream you’ve been thinking about; don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

If you need a little push, check out this whimsical story where wishes really do come true:

  • Of Jinns, Jellybeans and Kmart Underwear,” by Elizabeth Ho: Light some candles and get your favorite blanket before you dive into this fun, sparkling read. By the end, you’ll feel like one of your wishes was granted, too.
moon” by Joana Coccarelli


The Lion / Cheery, Noble, Imaginative / Demanding, Boastful, Melodramatic

We know last month was a bit of a coin toss, and we wish we could tell you July will be different (spoiler: it’s a double-edged sword again). On the plus side, you’re due for an upgrade at work. On the not-so-fun side, some people in your life will try to drag you down. 

Ignore the haters and the misery-loves-companiers with this dreamy, euphoric piece:

  • Colossal Calm,” by Day Mattar: Every now and then, you’ll read something that makes you feel like you’re eating dessert with your eyes. This is it, my friends.


The Maiden / Practical, Diligent, Kind / Obsessive, Self-Righteous, Compulsive

Don’t worry about any negativity from your family. They might hammer it home within the next few weeks, but stay true to the course—i.e., your passions and beliefs—by being your kind, practical self. Of course, you could also serve the naysayers a slice of humble pie, too. 

I’m not saying what I’d do in your shoes, but maybe this story can give you a nudge: 

  • The Way to the Tower,” by Jennifer Pullen: Immerse yourself in this mysterious world of witchcraft and transformations (it’ll leave you hungry for more, guaranteed). 


The Scales / Compassionate, Trustworthy, Peacemaker / Disorganized, Materialistic, Indecisive

Man, you’re on fire, Libra! Summer looks like it’s shaping up to be a great time for you. The stars were aligned in your favor last month, and July seems to be continuing the trend. Prepare for just a smidge of turbulence around the end of the month. Otherwise, it’s sunny skies ahead.

Indulge your compassionate nature with this story pick:

  • Fever Dream, Dream City,” by Andrea Lopez: In just under 500 words, this piece peels back the layers of the human spirit and quietly challenges your perceptions. You might even say it’s perfectly balanced. (Get it, because you’re the scales? . . . I’ll see myself out.)


The Scorpion / Purposeful, Charismatic, Cunning / Aggressive, Manipulative, Possessive

A potential fling will fizzle at the height of the month. Try not to let it get you down or set off those possessive tendencies. Instead, turn that energy inward and aim for some introspection. Your natural magnetism is a superpower, but even superheroes need time to reflect. 

When you can’t take any more meditation, here’s a monthly story pick that’s just for you: 

  • A Legacy of Rain,” by S.R. Schulz: This touching, atmospheric read will make you feel like you’re on the precipice of something. Exist there for a little while, if you can (I double dog dare you).  


The Archer / Straightforward, Optimistic, Adventurous / Careless, Impatient, Hotheaded

Your happy-go-lucky, optimistic nature will be put to the test over the next few days. Frankly, that says a lot more about the people around you, so remember to make time for yourself. But maybe also shop around for some new friends while you’re at it.

In the meantime, here is the perfect flash fiction piece to cheer you up:

  • Please Employ My Ghost Boyfriend,” by Rebecca Orchard: This is probably the most exotic letter of recommendation that you’ll ever come across. Playful yet surprisingly deep, this one is sure to please. 


The Mountain Sea-Goat / Traditional, Responsible, Ambitious / Unforgiving, Blunt, Pessimistic

Good news, Capricorn! July should be similar to June—lots of quiet contemplation and that sense of completeness you get from finishing your to-do lists. So take the fruits of your labor to the bank, and maybe do some mental exercises for August. What? I did warn you about those butter-side-down days hitting in late summer!

Don’t forget to treat yourself, though—your July story pick beckons (that’s right, beckons):

  • Marrying Absurd,” by Kate Jones: Timeless, intriguing, and full of responsible characters, this multi-layered read is likely to leave you with more questions than answers.


The Water-Bearer / Intellectual, Open-Minded, Outgoing / Unpredictable, Self-Conscious, Chaotic

It’s time to confront a few demons you’ve been avoiding (tsk, tsk). Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a partner, you need to face the music and curb your tendency to, well, run for the hills. Confrontation sucks, that’s universal—but you’re still not getting out of this one.

Save this for later, when you need a distraction:

  • Deviations,” by Caitlin Barasch: This one is a variation of a choose-your-own-adventure story. It’s far too relatable, and sure to please your open-minded nature.


The Fish / Charitable, Intuitive, Artistic / Timid, Impractical, Indolent

It’s time to work it, Pisces! If there’s something extra you’ve wanted to take on, this is the time to play your hand. You’ll be struck by a confidence boost in July, which will hopefully inspire you to smack down those insecurities. 

Let’s cap off this sun-drenched month with some truly stellar reading:

  • A Catalog of Love at First Sight,” by Brit E. B. Hvide: Detailed, striking, and masterful, this uniquely formatted story feels like it encompasses an entire universe.
Alyssa Jordan

Alyssa Jordan is a freelance writer in California. Her work has appeared in publications like Every Day Fiction, Reflex Fiction, 100 Word Story, and CHEAP POP. She may or may not be addicted to stories about reapers, particularly ones with food addictions.

Joana Coccarelli

Joana Coccarelli (a.k.a. narghee-la) is a collage artist, 41, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Most of her images are handmade, scissor-and-glue style, with no digital interventions. Joana had 21 of her creations featured on Liberdade até Agora storybook—half of them made especially for the book. Top Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulowww.memoriaolimpica.com, and jeweler/accessories designer Camilla Danunziata's website have also featured Joana's works—as well as Swiss magazine Denaris, top lowbrow art magazine Zupi, and online magazine Revista Machado.

Top fashion/arts website Lilian Pacce made a special article about Joana's works. One of her images was chosen to be the cover art of Sartre and Post-humanist Humanism, by America philosopher Elizabeth Butterfield. Amazing collage artist Claudio Parentela published an interview featuring Joana. In 2015, she was part of the "You Know You Can Buy It" exhibition in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Joana was also part of the lowbrow art collective baixocalao.com. Her works are often shown at Arte Araka, a top multiart event which takes place once a month in Rio de Janeiro.