How I Know the Piano Seduces Me

I want a different answer
So I’ll ask her once again.
But the piano is no mirror;

I’ll not see myself in her.
I’ll proclaim love for my sleek black friend,
But still I want a different answer

From her rumbling chords, her
Ripped open ends—
I know the piano won’t be my mirror.

She trembles under my fingers,
How long have I been sitting here? How long has it been?
I want a different answer,

And what I want is to hear
Her claim me again,
But she is no mirror

And it’s unfair to see her
For anything but what she’s been:
I want a different answer,
But the piano is no mirror.

Ellen Alice Page

Ellen Alice Page is a new, but avid writer! She loves science fiction and fantasy, and her favorite books are a tie between Wicked and Cloud Atlas. Between working as a stage hand and going to school full time she likes to read, write, and draw fan art based on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. Oh no, the comics cannot be forgotten about as she attends any and all comic based (or even vaguely related) cons in her area. She hopes to one day go to San Francisco ComiCon, meet her heroes, run away with them and live immersed in the world of art and story for the rest of her life. The end.

Ana Inigo Olea

Ana Inigo Olea was born in the 70s in a beautiful Spanish town, Salamanca. She travels around the world wherever the wind of inspiration blows, coming across moments that will stick with her. Whether it is a heartbreak, a glimpse of love, or a coffee break, she reminisces of her childhood days in which she pretended to be a ballerina or a lady playing the piano. View her artwork on her website.