The White Swan hotel in Guangzhou, where I’d been living for a year while training to take over my father’s shoe factory, was packed every evening full of strollers and Chinese babies and hopeful American parents. Sitting across from the American Consulate, this was the de facto adoption hotel of South China. A Chinese girl…

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Spencer Wise

Spencer Wise is the author of the novel The Emperor of Shoes. In addition to working at a shoe factory in South China, he has professional experience ranging from gutting chickens and selling ginsu knives to editorial work at Sports Illustrated and Time Out New York. His work has appeared in journals such as Narrative Magazine, The Cincinnati Review, and The Florida Review. He is the recipient of the 2017 Gulf Coast Prize in nonfiction and a Vermont Studio Center fellowship. Wise is an Assistant Professor in Creative Writing at Augusta University.

Brian Demers

Brian is a graduate of the Art Institute with a BA in Game Art and Design. Currently, he is a project manager for Electronic Arts. He prefers to work in ink.

First Featured In: No. 11, summer 2018

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