Graphic Memoirs: A Breakdown

Graphic memoirs are, simply put, short, true comics. In memoir style, they document true events in the author’s life through illustrated panels like those seen in comics and graphic novels. They tend to be shorter and less expansive than traditional memoirs, focusing on a specific event, relationship, or strict year range. The fusion between pictorial storytelling and nonfiction provides an accessible gateway for anyone…

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Carissa Villagomez

Carissa Villagomez is an undergraduate at The University of Chicago, pursuing a B.A. in English Literature and minors in Digital Studies and Human Rights (though that list of studies may extend). Her past experiences in publishing have taught her much, but she's always looking to learn more! Her passion for storytelling has only intensified over the years, and she looks forward to doing her bit to uplift authors' voices everywhere. 


Art by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay.