Fools and Believers

The tarot reading happened on a brutally warm night in September 2016, on the back of an overturned wooden crate in a studio apartment after the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. My friend Aaron and I had been there, at the Ren fair, all day, sweating through our clothes while we applauded sword swallowers and fire dancers,…

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Charlie Claire Burgess

Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them) is a writer, artist, and tarot reader in Portland, OR. They are the creator of Fifth Spirit Tarot, an independent tarot deck that centers LGBTQ+ folks, the author of The Fifth Spirit Tarot Guide, and the host of The Word Witch podcast. Their writing has appeared in Hunger Mountain, New Stories from the Midwest, Third Coast, and elsewhere, and their short fiction has received a Pushcart Prize Special Mention. They received their MFA at Vanderbilt University. Charlie is currently working on a second deck and a book on tarot for a world beyond binaries.

Enrica Angiolini

Enrica Angiolini is an illustrator and comic colorist. Raised in a family rich with creativity, she developed a deep love for art—illustration and photography in particular. She studied foreign languages in high school and university, gaining a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Culture. In 2015, she started her career in comics, and soon after got her first full series with Titan Comics, Warhammer 40,000. Enrica is now working as a colorist on The Thirteenth Doctor Who, The Steel Prince, and No World.

First Featured In: No. 19, summer 2023

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