“The lake house has magic,” I say and let the fireflies go.

On their short, chubby legs the kids run to the edge of the water and wait for the bugs to transform.

The lake house held magic, grandpa said. He would capture the fireflies and then let them go, because when free the bugs turned to fairies. I always wondered if fairies turned to bugs because they didn’t want us to see them. The day grandpa died I went fairy hunting. I caught the fireflies and then put the jar away. Every so often I tried to surprise them.

Soon the bugs stopped shining. They twitched at the bottom of the jar, never turned to fairies.

Zoraida Cabrera-Mieles

Zoraida Cabrera-Mieles grew up in the little tropical town of Hatillo, Puerto Rico, only to move to the cold land of Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in English and History of Art and Architecture. Many still ask her why she would ever leave the warmth of the Caribbean, but Zoraida wants to discover as many places (and probably also climates) as possible. She enjoys writing stories about everyday life with a strange touch or a magical twist. Besides writing fiction, her passions include going to museums, rambling about art and architecture, and drinking coffee. Zoraida enjoys writing about art almost as much as she enjoys writing stories. Sometimes she muses at Arts & Thereabouts.


Artwork by Khoa.