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Dear lovely reader, There’s a weighing scale in the locker room of my gym that haunts us all. Throughout the years, I’ve seenpeople step on it and start crying. At the end of a sweat-drenched cardio session, someone will stumble onto it, their eyebrows furrowed at the unmoved number, then limp right back to the…

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Dani Hedlund

Dani Hedlund founded the international literary nonprofit Brink Literacy Project as a doe-eyed nineteen year old and has been running the beast since. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of F(r)iction. When she isn’t beating this book into submission with her favorite Brit, Miss Helen Maimaris, Dani also conducts the Pioneer Interviews for each issue as well as writes these Editor Notes.

Ellie Wang

Ellie Wang is a freelance illustrator based in Atlanta, GA. Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, she enjoys visualizing imagination and solving problems by using her creativity. Her works are mostly created digitally, with vibrant colors, dynamic lines, and various compositions.

First Featured In: No. 20, winter 2023

The Bodies Issue

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