Brilliance—A Comic Memoir

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Juaquin Mobley

A Denizen of both Colorado Springs and New York, Juaquin Mobley has a degree in merchandising and management, with several certifications from the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) located in New York City. He is the CEO and founder of Community Anchor Academy and WHealthy Unlimited. A prolific entrepreneur, Juaquin is the owner of The Community Barbershop, the Community Tree service, and Quality Cleaning Solutions located in SE Colorado Springs, which are all social enterprises/entrepreneurship. Juaquin serves as a board member of the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Solid Rock CDC, Community Prep High School, and Hillside Connection. Using his story to empower students and community members alike, Juaquin also tours around the US with JustUs, telling a version of the story you’ve read in these pages as a monologue developed with Motus Theater.

Amalas Rosa

Amalas Rosa is a queer artist who was born and raised in Cologne, Germany, and now lives in Bremen. In her career, she’s worked on everything from album covers and concert posters to cover art for “Big Five” publishers and concept work with her ultimate love being comics and creating meaningful stories. Growing up in a big city, and the youth life that comes with it, can be found in many of her drawings. So too are the themes of sports, coming of age, and coming out.