When you go out to eat / when you go out to eat with a friend / a friend who is not just a friend / a friend who is more than a friend though he plays just the friend / though he knows he is more and you’ve suspected he’s always known / and…

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Jillian Smith

Jillian Smith is a writer and teacher living in Marietta, GA. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Poetry at Georgia State University. Originally from outside Philadelphia, Jill cherishes her slight Philly accent and loves embracing all the Philadelphia traditions she pretty much ignored while growing up, although she can’t quite muster up the grit of their sports fans. She is a devoted teacher, a quirky writer, a loving and loved wife, an occasional artist, an exercise fanatic, a 90s rock and 2000s emo music lover, and an enamored, first-time mom of a sweet baby boy.

Kayla Rader

Kayla Rader is an illustrator and designer originally from Texas with a passion for storytelling, worldbuilding, and character creation. She is very fond of cowboys, pirates, and vampires (oh my), and loves using intricate linework and bold color in her work. Currently, she’s focusing on freelance illustration, selling handmade stickers and prints in her shop, and developing a webcomic. When she’s not drawing, she’s out adventuring with her party in Dungeons & Dragons or playing a narrative-led video game.

First Featured In: No. 19, summer 2023

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