As Above, So Below

They do put the hand back together. It takes all night. We start in the plastic waiting room chairs and as it grows later, we sprawl on the carpet, sneak sips of Spotted Cow, and try to stay awake. Mel offers the receptionist a beer, which sends her into a very vowel-forward “Oh no I…

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Francis Van Ganson

Francis Van Ganson is a bookseller, zinester, and organ donor. Their McDonald's order is a medium fry and a large iced coffee with cream and sugar. Their work can be found in Cotton Xenomorph, Foglifter, and Triangle House Review.

Dannie Niu

Dannie Niu is an award-winning illustrator based in Atlanta. Dannie loves to create anything beautiful and gorgeous. She likes to work with golden colors and is specialized in using lines to trace the details. Dannie wants to bring more beautiful and positive feelings to the world with her work because she knows the world already has too much harshness.

First Featured In: No. 20, winter 2023

The Bodies Issue

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